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Many buyers are not aware of the difference between a condo and a townhome. The two are different, and banks will look at them differently.

San Luis Obispo Condos for Sale

A condominium is usually several stories high, with units stacked above the ground unit. When you purchase a condo, you basically purchase the "inside" of the unit. The outside building, roof, walkways, and grounds are almost completely maintained by the homeowner's association, and property of the common group. This is the most completely maintenance-free situation you can have. Any type of building or grounds issues are handled by the property management, and paid for by your monthly HOA dues or special assessments when necessary.

Townhomes, town houses, garden homes, or patio homes are slightly different versions of the same type of housing. When you purchase a townhome, you will own the ground that it rests on, any small "patio" or tiny yard that may be included, and nobody will ever be on top of you. Mortgage companies treat a townhouse the same as a single family home. Often they may "attach" to each other on the sides, or by a wall or fence, but you do own the land and the entire building. Usually the yard upkeep and possibly outside decorations can be maintained by the property management, but roof and building repair costs come out of your pocket unless special arrangements are made in the association rules. There are usually strict rules about the outside trim and/or paint, to keep all the homes uniform.

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