Why Do A Short Sale

We Are Short Sale Experts

The most important thing you need to know: It costs you nothing to do a Short Sale! The bank pays all the commissions, property taxes and any other fees associated with your home and it's sale. Now, read on...

If you owe more on your loan than your home is worth, we can HELP you sell it through the Short Sale process. Thanks to the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Act of 2007 you are in the perfect posion to relieve your debt on your first and second and even third loans without any recourse from the lender! This is fantastic news. We specialize in this process and will handle every aspect of the sale from beginning to end. We are a highly trained team of professionals that have this process down to a science to make the sale not only successful, but smooth and aggravation-free.

Most likely you have tried to do a loan modification one, two, or even three times with no success. You're frustrated and tired of giving the bank your information over and over again only to be rejected. We understand what you are going through. This is why we have developed a system with over a 95% success rate of selling homes through the Short Sale process. When you hire us, you will get the results you want and deserve the first time. Even if you have received a Notice of Trustee Sale (Forclosure Notice) here is a very high probability thatt we can avoid that foreclosure and keepp you in your home for up to 6 months extra while we take you through the Short Sale process. This gives you time to breath. You can plan your next move without the stress of an imminent foreclosure. We know because we have saved countless clients just like you who were facing foreclosure and eviction. They were able to have a successful sale resulting in debt forgiveness and a new lease on life.

Has Your Bank Been Putting You Through Loan Modification Hell?

  • Has your application for a loan modification been stone walled?
  • Do you find yourself waiting by the phone week after week, hoping to hear something from your lender?
  • Are you continually asked to provide the same information over and over
  • Has your Loan Modification application been rejected because you failed to provide information you were never asked for?

We specialize in the Short Sale process and helping people just like you who tried a Loan Modification and it didn't work. I'm going to highlight a few of the things that are important to you as the homeowner.

Stay In Your Home Until An Approved Short Sale is Completed

Instead of a foreclosure, which will end your occupancy of your current home at the auction date that has been given to you. We can stop the auction date and keep you in your home for an additional 4-6 months! This gives you time to plan your next move.

No Cost to You

You Don't Pay The Fees. The Bank Pays for Everything

The Short Sale process is paid for by the bank and costs you nothng! The goal is to have the bank discharge all liens and loans to the property and deficiency judgements so in the end, you owe nothing. All fees will be paid for you... IN FULL.

Repare Your Credit Faster (in 1-2 years)

With a Short Sale, your credit can be cleaned up in 12-24 months. This puts you in the perfect position to purchase again when the market is low. With a foreclosure, it could take up to 5-8 years to clean up your credit! If you wait and get stuck with a foreclosure, not only will you be moved out of your home without notice, but by the time you clean up your credit, you will most likely miss out on the bottom of the market and be buying back in whe the market is on the rise.

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