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San Luis Obispo was voted the "happiest city" in America. Well, our belief is that it's the best plac in the world! The climate is perfect year round and the scenery is so beautiful that no matter what part of town you are in when you look up, there is something beautiful to see. Your eyes will be filled with wonderful sights such as Bishop's Peak, Madonna Mountain, coastal hills, or the quaint downtown section. Did we mention no traffic? It doesn't matter what time of the day you want to get in the car, get on your bike, or go for a run; the streets are easy to navagate and you'll feel like no one is on the road.

Here is what makes real estate in San Luis Obispo totally different and stand out from the rest. Clients often ask the question, "Where is the bad part of town? What area should we stay away from?" Here is the secret: this is no bad part of town. There are only varying degrees of awesomeness for real estate in San Luis Obispo!

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San Luis is one of the most active and healthy cities in California with endless opportunities for alwking, biking, and climbing (that's right, incredible climbing at Bishop's Peak). Thursday nights at Farmer's Market show off the real charm of the city and features locally grown food from our community. San Luis Obispo is the place to be if you are a wine aficionado. 

Located on the outskirts of town in almost every direction you will find fantastic wineries, not only in quality of vintage, but also appearance and design. All the wineries are unique and beautiful showcasing their own style and charm within a few minutes of downtown. A quick drive up to the homes in Paso Robles opens up another wonderland revealing myriads of unique and awesome wineries and sprawling vineyards. Forget Napa... you have it all right here. Of course, we are the happiest place on Earth and it's all waiting for you. So let's get started finding your dream home now.

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