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Ok, let's face it, Morro Bay is awesome!  It's the gem of the central coast. So real estate Morro Bay is what you are wanting to purchase.   When summertime hits this is definitely the best place to cool down.  When it's blistering hot in the Central Valley, it will be most often cool, foggy and 55 degrees here.  This is why so many people own second homes here, or just retire in this community.  Buying real estate in Morro Bay is a hot commodity.  Buying homes in Morro Bay is actually the biggest concern for buyers looking to own on the central coast of California.  Why?  Morro Bay has some of the best sights, hikes, dockside resturants, huge embarcadero and giant uncrowded beaches.  It's a small community around here and that means people get to know each other.  When a community is close knit people feel good and life is better.  So couple that with natural beauty and fresh open air and you have a home run.  Most everyone will love  exploring around in the back bay by boat or kayak, it's bound to be an adventure. So what makes Morro bay real estate so hot when the weather is so mild?  The people, combined with the natural beauty of the volcanoes and rugged coastline  and fantastic beaches, make real estate Morro Bay the most sought after market in San Luis Obispo County.  

Ok, so now that you want to live here, lets talk about homes in Morro Bay. What part of town will you want to live?  The North side, west of Hwy 1, east of the highway and up on the hill or down town?  Once you get that sorted out you will need to decide how important having a view is to your happiness.  Will you be buying an ocean front home in Morro Bay?  Maybe you will purchase a few streets back from the beach.  The difference in price can vary by a million dollars.  That is right, a home right on the beach can cost 2 million and the home on the other side of the street can cost 850K.  That is a huge difference!  But it makes all the difference in your view and access to the sand.  

Within the realm of real estate Morro Bay you will find an abundance of ocean view homes.  There is a small mountain range that follows the coast line from Cambria down to Los Osos.  As a result there are hundreds and hundreds of home that are built all along the sides of these low mountains and they have the most incredible views.  With most of the views on the side of the mountain you will be able to see from Los Osos to the edge of Cambria.  The views are spectacular!  The Rock is awesome.  You have chosen the right place to call home.  

Morro Bay is located 15 minutes North of San Luis Obispo off of HWY 1. The area has become famous for its beautiful state parks, bird estuary’s, and the distinct Morro Rock. Locals  enjoy a variety of activities in the area, including fishing, surfing, kayaking, golfing,  or just relaxing and enjoying the sunset. The Embarcado in Morro Bay offers fine restaurants, and unique shops for locals and visitors to enjoy. Get in touch with us for more information about homes and property in Morro Bay.

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