After a YEAR of negotiations with the bank we were able to get this property SOLD! Congratulations to our sellers and to the new home owners!


Short Sales can be a long and grueling process. So why short sale? Here are a few reasons...

Stay in your home until an approved short sale is completed. Instead of a foreclosure, which will end your occupancy of your current home at the auction date that has  been given to you, the Martincello and Hedrick Home Selling Team and stop the auction date and keep you in your home an additinal 3-5 month. This gives you time to plan your next more.

No cost to you! The short sale process is paid for you by the bank and costs you nothing! The goal is to have the bank discharge all liens and loans to the property and deficiency judgments so in the end you owe nothing. All fees will be paid for you...IN FULL!

To learn more about how a Short Sale can help visit our website or call us as 805-596-4441. We look forward to helping you will all of your real estate needs.