Serra Meadows - San Luis Obisbo's Newest Community For Sale

Virgin Margarita

A new home has not been built inside the city limits of San Luis Obispo since the Clinton presidency (1998), making the construction of 177 homes nothing short of a miracle.

Serra Meadows is the first phase of a development in the Margarita area: formerly untouched acreage on the south end of town bordered by S. Higuera St. on the west, Broad St. on the east and (half of) Prado Rd. on the south.

A few great things about the development:

  1. The architects purposely designed the homes to match existing homes and neighborhoods in San Luis Obispo, avoiding the sprawled box-look typical of new developments. Drawings and construction photos of the homes can be found on these websites:
    Serra Meadows Overview:
    Serra Meadows Facebook page:
  2. They’ve specifically designed the community to have a classic American neighborhood aesthetic with tree-lined sidewalks, 10 acres of parks with playgrounds and barbeques, a 16 acre sports field and designated greenways and walkways for bicycles and pedestrians running alongside natural wetlands and creeks.

Parking for most homes will be in the back of the units, with the more social aspects of the home nearer to the street. Utility lines will be buried underground, avoiding the ugly patchwork of criss-crossing telephone and electrical lines. This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to purchase a new home in San Luis Obispo. Construction is underway and the first few homes should be completed in the near future.

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