Pismo Heights Homes in Pismo Beach

Pismo Height Home in Pismo Beach

Located about a two-minute drive from downtown Pismo Beach is the upscale community of Pismo Heights. These Pismo Heights homes are up on the side of the hill overlooking all of whole coast from the dunes all the way out to Avila Beach. The views are breathtaking from almost every home due to the sheer steepness of the mountain. Pismo Heights homes for sale are hard to come by but well worth having us track down just the right home for you.  

The climate here is always cool to comfortable, unlike the areas around Paso Robles. Homes are mostly of a modern architecture, and are typically designed to display the views. Many homes are actually built into the rock and side of the mountain!

Pismo Heights home prices are in the upper range of $500,000 to several million dollars. If you are interested in seeing this unique cliffside community and buying a Pismo Heights home, let us take you on a tour! Call today.


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